September 9, 2009

What The Dealio?

I’m starting something new here at EllaBellaMozzarella that I hope to turn into a weekly post…..oh hell, knowing my SLIGHT tendency to procrastinate this may very well turn into a monthly thing!  Anywho, sometimes I may just want to rant/rave/blubber on incoherently about something I observed that day, the week before, or even last Christmas.   That’s when I’ll add a quick line or two and lovingly title it “What The Dealio?”

920576_29600173 So, ok, seriously….why do celebrity mamas always look so fabulous when they are pregnant?  They seem to radiate a vibe that practically screams “I’VE NEVER FELT SO GREAT IN MY LIFE!”.  Never mind the fact that they have this whole mama sexy-glam look about them as they either wear the cutest maternity clothes you’ll ever see or (*gasp*) parade around the beach in a bikini.  After viewing the following link today, I am convinced if you were to look up that whole “pregnancy glow” thing in a dictionary, this is what you would see:

I only WISH I could have felt this wonderful while I carried a baby for 10 months!  Instead, as the days went by and the pounds piled on, all I felt like was wearing sweatpants &  tees  while I tried to ignore the growing list of  issues (swollen feet, stretch marks, back pain, the inability to stop the steady flow of sugary/sweet /bad-for-you goodies entering my mouth)  Bikini?  NO THANK YOU!

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