September 18, 2009

Fightin’ Phils

On Wednesday evening the hubby and I took our big girl to her very first Phillies game and I gotta’ say, it was a ton of fun!  The peanut had an absolute blast and just loved taking in all the sights – the fantastic crowd (which was pleasant that night…no beatings, thank you very much), the beautiful stadium, the yummy food (all I can say is: Tony Luke’s cheesesteak & crab fries), and last but certainly not least, THE PHILLY PHANATIC!  If you have no idea who that is, then I guess I should introduce you to the FUNNIEST & MOST LOVED mascot in the MLB!

I’m not quite sure what he actually is (don’t think most fans do either), but his antics between innings and during various parts of the game are quite funny.  Phillies fans just love when he dances on top of the dugout & shakes his huge belly, or when he taunts the visiting team’s players, or when he performs all sorts of stunts driving around in the outfield on his quad.   He often plants big kisses with his large snout on everyone from players to coaches to fans.  And of course, the kids ADORE him.  Naturally, we couldn’t leave the game without buying Miss E her very own stuffed Phanatic toy!

[I do have to throw in a little side comment here:  the prices at these games are just RIDICULOUS!  Between the parking, food, drinks and any extras, it’s easy to spend at least $100 or more in just a few short hours.  I mean, come on…..$7 for one beer??  Never mind the dough you typically have to shell out for decent seats!]

Good Lord, I just looked at the time….this mama needs to get some much needed beauty sleep!  But before I shut down the engines, here’s a funny clip showing the big green guy doing what he does best – bustin’ some moves and entertaining the crowd!

The Philly Phanatic Gettin' Down!

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Theta Mom said...

Aww, how fun for her! They were really tearing up the dance floor! :)

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