September 30, 2009

Old Navy, Baby

As a self-described shopping frugalista, I love me a good deal!  Yes, I routinely give thanks to the denim Gods for giving me my Sevens & David Kahn’s, and down right crave another pair of Uggs or a new Juicy tracksuit.  However, “in these uncertain economic times”, it has become less of an option and more of a must that I shop with savings in mind.  Which is why I heart Old Navy.  You can truly find some very cute tops, tees, sweaters, and even workout gear!  The cost of course can’t be beat, and at those prices it’s absolutely no biggie if the clothes only last one season.  Personally I haven’t had much luck there with pants over the years (just capris), and I definitely sometimes walk out empty-handed.  But, most of the time it’s worth it to stop in and take a gander.  And don’t EVEN get me started on their girl’s toddler clothes!  So cute!

All this is to say, that Old Navy has this fabulous web site where they offer in-store coupons on a weekly basis.  It’s a little bit like a treasure hunt, wherein you have to click around and find the hidden coupons (each valid for only 1 week).  The site has taken on a huge following and the most valuable coupons  (like $50 off $100 purchase) are literally gone within seconds of  it being updated with new deals, which usually happens sometime in the wee hours between Thursday late night and Friday early am.  Seriously, hundreds of women across the country hover over their laptops every week at ungodly hours, just waiting until that refresh button reveals a spankin’ new web page.  As I don’t have quite that much dedication, by the time I check things out on Friday late morning, I usually end up with a $10 off $50 or 25% off total purchase.

So, if you didn’t know about this wonderful little gem already (surely most of you are totally in-the-know), then by all means….GO FORTH & CLICK TO YOUR HEARTS CONTENT!  Your husbands will thank me :)

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