August 31, 2009

Gotta Love Target

My little peanut and I went to Target today to look for some cute ballet outfits (she's starting dance class next week) and as I walked around, I had the same thought I have every time I'm in that darn store - "I LOVE TARGET!"  I mean seriously, the little girl toddler clothes are just too cute...and for the price, I don't care one bit if they get all wrecked-up (which they will).  And I'll admit it - I'v purchased things for myself too, especially work out gear.  I've found some cute little tanks/camis and fitted capri pants (made by Champion for Target), and all at about half the cost of what you would spend at Dick's or Sports Authority.  Believe it or not, I actually bought a bikini there this year.....and guess what?  It fits perfect, it's comfortable and I like it so much more than the designer swimwear I purchased last year (which I hardly wore & cost 3 times as much).  Add that to everything else I can find there - groceries, toys, supplies, select decorative items, and of course my FAVORITE chocolate......well then ladies and gentlemen, what you have here is the perfect store for us (sometimes frugal) SAHMs.

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August 29, 2009

Another Site Recommendation

So, about a year ago I stumbled upon this blog, written by a stay-at-home mom  out of Salt Lake City, Utah.  Having never heard of her before, I had no idea just how huge of a following she had & that she's kind of a God amongst bloggers.  I check her site almost every single day now and can never get enough of her hilarious and wacky tales of mommyhood, written with just the right amount of snarky, in-your-face sarcasm.  But what I think most people really love about her (I know I do), is her sincere honesty....she puts it all out there, from chronicling her roller-coaster journey with depression to detailing her 2 labor & delivery adventures to expressing how she feels about baby-poop in all it's various forms.  Without further ado, let me give some link love to my very favorite blogger/mama/all-around crazy lady:


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August 28, 2009

Makeup Schmakeup

I'm a medium-high maintenance kind of girl - I'll admit it.  I have a need to always look cute &  fashionable, I'm a freak about my hair, and under no circumstances can I leave the house without the following: earrings, mascara, concealer and lip know, the basics!  I love, love makeup, but honestly don't wear a ton of it.  I just like perusing the aisles at Sephora and Ulta to admire all the various cosmetic goodies available to us girly girls.  Whenever new products come out, I am immediately hooked and often find myself with an urgent desire to try them!  This is all to say, that as a beauty-freak, there are two makeup-review websites I visit regularly and ALWAYS search through before I make any purchase. - This is a FABULOUS database of thousands of reviews of various makeup and skincare items.  You can search by numerous categories and pretty much every brand out there, drugstore or high-end, has been critiqued.  It's a great way to get first-hand perspective, which can save you time & money.  Of course, just because someone else had a negative experience with a product it doesn't necessarily mean you won't like it either.....however, if most people rated it low and only 20% would purchase it again, you'll think twice before plunking down mega bucks on that amazingly life-changing anti-aging cream sold at Saks.  You have to register to use the site, but no's completely FREE.  Run by Paula Begoun, an author of numerous best-selling beauty industry guides who has over 25 year of experience in the industry, this is an excellent resource for all things beauty.  Not only does she provide an extensive guide on skin-care facts & solutions to your skin concerns, makeup how-to's, and suncare advice, but she also lists a large cosmetic ingredient dictionary.  Paula is very big on revealing the truth behind the mostly bogus claims made by  cosmetics companies, which in turn lends itself very well in providing truthful & honest reviews.  She also sells her own line of products, some of which I have tried myself and have for the most part liked.

So before you venture out on your next shopaholic beauty spending spree, check out both of these won't be disappointed!

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August 25, 2009

Chocolate Makes The World Go Round

Here's my thought for the day:  anyone who tells you that parenting is easy as pie, nothin' to it, is lying out their you-know-what.  As most REAL parents know, life with a toddler can be challenging, to say the least.  Sometimes when you're in the thick of it - you know, let the screaming and whining commence - it's just so hard to figure out the right course of action to I let this pass or do I make a big deal out of it (and possibly over-react just a tad)?  It's amazing sometimes how quickly a fun, lovely moment can take a turn...1,2,3 and all of a sudden our afternoon at the pool is over and we're headed home, because mommy decided to make a freakin' big deal out of it!  So that was basically my afternoon...I'm thinking there might be a few mama's out there who can relate ;)

On a separate yet totally related note,  I need to point out at this time that I have a HUGE chocolate addiction and wholeheartedly believe from the depths of my soul that a deliciously delightful piece of heavenly chocolate can always make things better (which it did this afternoon)!  But not just any old chocolate confection, oh no......I'm talking European: German/Swiss/Austrian delights.  And since I'm more than happy to share my yummy knowledge , I'll go ahead list some of my favorites for all you chocolate freaks who only know the likes of Hershey's or Snickers (oh, the horror!)  Go'll love it!

1. Milka Chocolate - Easily the one nearest & dearest to my heart, I grew up (in Germany) on this delectable and not too sweet Austrian slice of heaven.  It comes in a variety of flavors, although I can usually only find it in a select few.  Not many stores carry it, yet I was simply giddy with joy to find it at both Target and Wegman's.

2. Ritter Sport - This German chocolate is just as delightful and stocked in a wider variety of stores than Milka, including again both Target and Wegman's.  Various flavors are available.

3.Guylian - These Belgian lovelies are known for their sea shell shape and I absolutely adore the wonderful roasted hazelnut praline taste.  You can find them all over now, I've even seen them at Costco.

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August 24, 2009

It's A Blogger's World

As I slowly learn more about all things BLOG related, I am overwhelmed and completely intrigued by the vast amount of information out there in the blogosphere.  I've viewed so many cool graphics & templates in the last 48 hours that my eyes might just fall out of my head soon.  So many great blogs/websites with loads of resources and information.  What I'm trying to say is.....I'M HOOKED!   I truly hope this is only the beginning of a totally amazing new path - finding new blogs and connecting with other moms/wives/chickies who are all just trying to share their little piece of the puzzle.

Ok, enough with the reflecting....time to make dinner, feed the peanut, do some laundry, and look forward to later on when I'll be laying in my comfy bed & gettin' me some 'Two and a Half Men' & 'The Big Bang Theory' (easily two of the funniest shows on tv).   What the heck, maybe I'll go hogwild and have a Corona (light, of course)!

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August 23, 2009

Well Hello There

Since this is my very first post and I'm still trying to figure out what the hell I'm doing, I thought it would be appropriate to expand on that little 'about me' section over there to the right and honestly lay it all out on the table for ya'.

So, I'm pretty much a 30-something stay-at-home mom to an amazing 3 1/2 year old little girl (my peanut). I'm also married to a wonderful man who has given me all I could ever dream of. Yada, yada, yada.....right? I'm sure most of you are thinking "great, yet another SAHM who thinks she's got something to say". Well, you're right...I get over it! Truth be told, I'm an avid blog reader and CRAVE all the realness from those thousands of moms who are fighting their way through the trenches and with whom I can totally identify. It's not always about white picket fences, roses, and butterflies and life is just so gosh darn PERFECT! I want the real truth, about the ups and downs, the therapist sessions, the "Oh My God" exclamations amongst all those women who are left wondering where their tatas went after cranking out a kid or two (maybe they relocated for a better life in the south of France??)....mixed in with all the giggles, joy, and hilarity that family life brings. Plus a thought or two or three about all things girly - MAKEUP, SHOPPING, CELEBRITY know, the stuff that really makes our lives complete!

Basically, I thought it was about time I'd throw in my two cents about the beautiful mess that is all of our lives!

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