September 24, 2009

Random Randomness

My brain is a bit scrambled today…so to honor my current state of mind, here are some stray thoughts for the day.

1. Yo Gabba Gabba – I mean seriously, what the hell is this show supposed to be about?  It has got to be the most bizarre, pointless children’s programming I have ever seen. 

2. Although I’m not completely challenged when it comes to all things related to housekeeping, I’m certainly no domestic diva (as my husband will attest) and have a tough time finding the inspiration to scrub a toilet.  I simply HATE cleaning, and find my daily/weekly  chores as a dutiful housewife (just threw up a little bit in my mouth while typing that part) to be less than joyous.  But, I do them….it comes with the part where I play the stay-at-home mama, right?  So what if I sometimes have to wash a load of laundry twice because I forgot about it when it was done and after sitting for 24 hours it had a bit of wet dog smell to it!

3. Peanut butter & chocolate, together, in various concoctions of deliciousness…..need I say more??

4. Modern Family = hilariousness……….Cougar Town,  not so much!

5. Last year I discovered that Clarks now makes baby & toddler shoes (or at least they are newly available in the US) and that they are absolutely adorable!  We just bought 2 pairs there for the peanut, including these Gore-tex sneakers…..I mean, how cute are they????


That’s all…..for now!

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Theta Mom said...

Thanks for the tip girl! I never knew that Clarks made baby shoes! I'll have to go shopping for my baby girl! :)

EllaBellaMozzarella said...

No Problem :) I'm telling you, they are too cute....but you can only find them in Clarks stores and as far as I can tell they aren't sold online.

Joshlin said...

Finnaly!!! Someone who thinks Yo Gabba Gabba is soooo pointless!!!

Everyone else acts like it's the best thing out there when I tell them my kid hates it and we don't watch it.

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