September 15, 2009

My Name Is Mama And I’m A Shopaholic!

So, I love to shop…it’s no secret.  I come from a long line of shoppers (well, just my mom, but she taught me all I know!).  I always seem to be in dire need of basically an entire new wardrobe each season (really, it’s true).   If I had unlimited funds for clothing & shoes, I think I could honestly go shopping almost every single day of the week…no problem. Sadly though, ‘unlimited’ is definitely not the word my husband let’s me I am able to associate with my couture finances.  The hubby has recently put me on restriction when it comes to these matters and advised I use some [much] restraint.  His burdened groan was clearly audible as I notified him last week that I wouldn’t mind a new pair of Uggs for my upcoming birthday, and did I mention my very serious NEED for a new pair of  brown boots to wear with a pair of Seven jeans that I know would fit me oh-so perfectly?!

Naturally, the peanut and I went to the mall today.  I was looking for a long sleeved tee to wear under my Phillies t-shirt  for tomorrow's game, since I didn’t have one at home that was suitable.  I ended up finding a great deal at H&M, where they were offering a buy 1 get one 50% off deal.  Yes, I now have 2 shirts (one of which is not a tee)…..but did I mention the great deal  being offered and at these prices, could I really pass this up?!   

But what I really wanted to point out is my child’s constant need to touch every single thing she sees while  strolling through various stores.  As I usually do, I repeatedly grumble ‘don’t touch that….please don’t touch that……for the love of GOD, don’t touch that!’  Clearly though,  toddler etiquette dictates this means to go ahead and do it even MORE.  And so today, as we were passing an unclothed mannequin in Macy’s, she instinctively reached out to touch it, inevitably aiming right for the plastic man’s, ah, crown jewels.  I giggled loudly and quickly pushed her along, hoping  nobody noticed.  Obviously  she didn’t direct her curious little hands there on purpose…’s just moments like this that continuously make me feel like I’m living out the ‘Dumb & Dumber’ movie.

Aaaahhhh….I could really use some good retail therapy!  *Sigh*

You can't resist my cuteness!

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Theta Mom said...

My kids ALWAYS have to touch EVERY single thing in the store. So annoying! You are not alone! :)

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