May 23, 2010

The End Is Here

And no, I’m not talking about ‘LOST’ here (although, I am a huge ‘LOST’ fan and could write many pages about my profound & overwhelming sadness on seeing it all come to it’s final conclusion tonight).  The end I AM referring to is my daughter’s last week of school.  My sweet, little peanut is about to finish her first year of preschool and boy did it go by fast.  So incredibly fast!  

We have loved watching her grow into this amazing, independent, smart “big girl” over the last 9 months.  We have loved her wonderful teachers, who have tirelessly given their caring devotion & nurturing support to these tiny tots.  And we have loved her fabulous school – an extraordinary community of educators that is based on simplistic values and fostering the joy of learning.

So now we have the summer, and what I hope from the bottom of my heart will be a fantastic & memorable 3 months, laying ahead of us.  Come September, we continue on at the same school.  Then, it’s kindergarten.  Then we head to first grade, and before we know it she’ll be asking for the keys to the car, right?  Phew, I can’t even wrap my brain around that.  I have a feeling I’ll be repeating the following sentence quite a bit to my little princess: “please, please, please don’t grow up too fast!”.

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May 21, 2010

Fawk You Friday #2


If you read last week’s post, you know the deal -  it’s time once again to vent, complain, bitch, and generally air out your frustrations for the week.
So here goes:

  • FAWK you to those unaware of their own near-sightedness
  • FAWK you blemishes that randomly take residence on my chin – as an adult I should not have to deal with you any longer
  • FAWK you to the economy that has caused so many of us to find ourselves burdened with financial woes 

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May 20, 2010

Our Puppy Is Fabulously Fashionable!

Since we first adopted our lovable pup Sam about 1 1/2 months ago, the fashionista in me has been on a mission to outfit him with something much more awesome than the standard blue collar/leash we initially purchased at PetSmart.  Now, before I continue, I have to state that I have no intention of making our little boy look like some sort of sissy in a paisley getup, who is secretly the laughing-stock of all his doggy friends.  And no, I do not plan on  purchasing any kind of coat/sweater/diamond choker/ribbon for him in the near future!  I just want something that’s a little more fun, yet still let’s him keep his studly status.

So, it seems if you want anything more than just the standard boring colors, you have to turn to online stores/boutiques for more fashionable accessories.  Initially, I was set on a blue & turquoise camo collar…..manly enough, right?  However, as we got to know Sam better, we realized he is without a doubt much better served by a harness.  He can pull with the best of them (which is totally the Dachshund in him), and since he’s a small breed, a collar could potential harm his fragile little neck. 

Sooo, after much searching, I finally found this SUPER CUTE  & oh so stylish harness online:

Not only is it totally functional (due to the adjustable & strong velcro closure and the ability to easily slip it on), but there is not ever any danger of choking since the d-ring is located further back than a lot of other harnesses.  Each item is handmade with superior quality.  And isn’t the blue & brown striping, along with the pewter paw accent,  simply dashing (without being too over the top)? Of course, I had to get the matching leash as well. LOVE IT!!

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May 17, 2010

Mothering Outside The Box

I’ve often said that I’m not your typical stay-at-home mama  and have no problem what so ever admitting to this (I proudly display this statement on my blog’s brief  ‘about me’ bio).  In fact, I recently discovered another ‘non-mommy mommies’ type (as she calls herself) blogger, and love her new shits and giggles feature that kinda embraces what I’m trying to say here.  So be sure to check out Ericka over at – trust me, you won’t regret it!

Since my daughter was born and I first gingerly dangled my toe into the murky waters of motherhood, I have always felt a bit out of  sync when compared to other moms (and isn’t that what we do best, continually compare ourselves to those around us?).  Of course, my bout with postpartum the first 6 months (or more) certainly did not help matters – especially as I struggled to find that connection with my baby that most new mothers glowingly gush about.  I’ve often thought of myself as not really fitting into that standard motherhood mold, which seems to require most if not all of the following actions: cooking for the entire family 7 days a week, meticulously cleaning every nook & cranny of the house on a WEEKLY basis (this includes baseboards, windows, blinds, etc.), laundering something/anything on a DAILY basis, sewing & mending as needed, and basically satisfying everyone’s needs at all times so that no one shall be left unfulfilled……and all of this is done with a giant smile, apron on, oven mitts in hand!

Phew, that’s one hell of a job description!  Not that I don’t do any of that, just maybe not as often or with as much enthusiasm.  So, in celebration of those of us who are more the anti-Betty Crocker kind, I thought I’d compile my personal list of  5 random yet awesome qualities that make me who I am  - a real mom, not afraid to admit my faults and sit back, eat some chocolate, and revel in my imperfections (ok, so I don’t often sit around and celebrate my inadequacies, but you get my point).
  1. I LOVE takeout (or carry-out, take-away, what have you) and have about 20+ menus in my collection that get used quite frequently.
  2. I tend to curse like a sailor, although never around my daughter if I can help it, and find it slightly cleansing to get out a good “mother******.
  3. Sometimes I’ll drive a little slower on the way to pick up the peanut at school, just so I can listen to Howard Stern for a few more minutes.
  4. I love my little girl with every fiber of my being, this cannot be stated enough, but praise the Nap Gods for my daily dose of  ME TIME over the last 4 years (knock on wood, knock on wood, knock on wood)!
  5. A good glass of wine (or a Margarita if need be) at the end of the day solves all problems.
So there you have it!  Now come on, aren’t you just itching to share some of your beautiful realness???

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May 14, 2010

Show A Mama Some Love!

Since my hubby is currently hogging the TV by watching the Phillies game (thereby causing me to miss my usual Friday night staple of  ‘Dateline NBC’….ok, so I guess I could head downstairs to one of our other 2 televisions, but that would require me to actually be motivated enough to get my lazy tush out of bed), I figured why not write a post wherein I kindly implore my fabulous bloggy peeps to throw a vote or two my way.

Where, you ask??  Why, over at Top Mommy Blogs, of course!   My little blog listed there, and I’d greatly appreciate if you showed me some love – I sure could use it.  Just click on the link below:

(if the link doesn’t work, you can also search by 'EllaBellaMozzarella' or find me
under 'Stay At Home Blogs')  

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Fawk You Friday!

So, I discovered this fabulous new blog hop while reading about some yucky stuff going on in another blog hop I previously participated in every so often (and will not do so going forward).  Since it’s really not my place to comment or judge the aforementioned “situation”, you can go HERE for the details.


Anywho, the minute I saw this new weekly meme, I absolutely LOVED it!   A place to vent, complain, bitch, and generally air out your frustrations for the week (weekend, here I come – wahoo!!).  Thanks to Jana over at Boobies, Babies & A Blog for such a fabulous idea.

  • FAWK you cancer
  • FAWK you to selfish people
  • FAWK you rainy weather for refusing to let us be
  • FAWK you to the sweet, yummy, deliciousness that is any and all baked goods – for being sooo good, yet oh so bad


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May 8, 2010

Pretty In Pink

Yeah, yeah….I know.  It’s once again been a while since I’ve written a post on my little bloggety blog.  I have no excuse, except that life has kept us busy…yada, yada, yada.  With pre-school nearing an end soon (OMG, still can’t believe how fast it went!), there has been lots to do as everything starts to wrap up over the next few weeks.  Plus, the peanut’s been going through a continuous whining/crying/temper tantrum throwing phase that unfortunately shows no signs of slowing down.  Add to that the puppy & all of his lovely teenage-like antics, and we’ve been simply exhausted.  I swear, between the kid and the dog, it sometimes feels like all we do around here is yell!  Oh, and let’s not forget the most important thing of all – ‘LOST’!  I am completely obsessed with this show and could easily spend hours perusing blogs & websites dedicated to it, reading up on popular theories and predictions of what it all means.  Truly, after 6 years of faithful devotion to this amazing hour-long drama, I am so sad that it is all coming to a permanent end soon and am not sure what I’ll do with myself afterward, lol .  And before you call me a complete loser, I have quite a few friends who feel exactly the same.  So there!

Anywho, hopefully I’ll be energized enough soon to once again fill these pages with fabulous & witty content!    For now, I leave you with a few more pics of the peanut.

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