September 3, 2009


IMG00112 (2)
As the hours tick by and our vet appointment draws closer, I am trying to feel more at peace with this whole decision…and surprisingly, I think I am because I KNOW this is what’s best for my kitty.  Of course, that’s not to say that I won’t be a complete mess in 3 hours &  balling my eyes out at the vet’s office.  The peanut and I stayed in today, spending some time with Skye, taking pictures, and saying goodbye in our own way.  I decided to go by myself, while the hubby stays home with Miss E.  As I look at Skye now, sleeping all cuddled up in my arm, I know that I will miss her greatly.  I hope so very much that when I head back home, empty cat carrier in hand, I can somehow feel at least empowered that I had the strength to face this.

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