September 23, 2009

A Few Of My Favorite Things

I’m in a giving mood……so, for those living in the Southeastern PA suburban Philly area, I thought I’d dish out some blog love and share a few places that make my little corner of the world a bit easier to enjoy.

1. Limoncello Restaurant – It’s no secret that the hubby and I always appreciate great Italian food, and that is exactly what you’ll find at this little gem located in downtown West Chester.  Every item on their menu is absolutely delish, and the rustic & charming dining room/bar area provides for a great atmosphere, even when just stopping in for drinks.  And who knows, you just might run into Cole Hamels (pitcher for the Phillies) there, who’s been known to stop in from time to time.

2. Salon 926 – My FABULOUS hairdresser!   As I’m sure most ladies who care an ounce about their hair will agree, finding someone who will give you a great cut that you actually like & can re-create is like finding the holy grail…it’s certainly not easy, and once you do, you will travel limitless miles to get there.  Not only do I get stopped at least once a week by someone who compliments  me on my hair & wants to know where I go, but Kerri (who owns the salon) was the only stylist EVER to have carried me through the pains of growing out a pixie cut with relative ease, simply because she’s that good (now if that isn’t an indication of a talented coiffeur, then I don’t know what is)!  Of course, the rest of her staff is just as phenomenal!

3. ACAC Fitness Center  -  Trust me when I tell you that once you enter this place, you will never want to look at another gym ever again.  We spend most mornings there, and it has become an essential part of my (social) life.  Besides the obvious exercise classes (which include body pump, boxing, kettle bell, cycling,  yoga & pilates), cardio and weight training equipment, what really sold us were the extra perks……1. the outdoor waterpark & activity pool that can be used year round 2. the cafe where you can enjoy smoothies, salads, paninis, and lattes 3. the spa (think massages and facials) 4. the Kids Zone, where children are not just simply thrown into a day care area…but where, under structured supervision, they can do arts & crafts, play games & run around in a large arena,   jump on a moonbounce, or maybe even cook pancakes!  I gotta’ say, getting into shape is a heck of a lot easier when you not only enjoy the classes, but get to relax with coffee & friends afterward.

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