October 1, 2009

Shameless Plug



You may have seen that Gap is once again running their HUGE  annual contest to “find the next faces of babyGap and GapKids”.  It’s basically a casting call, since the chosen winners will be featured in a nationwide ad campaign  (in addition to other perks like a professional photo shoot and a $500 gift card).   Now, I’m a realist.  I know chances of winning are pretty much none to none (I believe last year they had almost 900,000 entries).  Not that I don’t think my peanut is the most beautiful little girl I’ve ever seen & should win without a doubt (I’m not biased or anything!), but whew….that’s a shitload of contestants, all hoping to catch the eye of a judge and claim the top prize.  Numbers are numbers, and they’re not favorable.  Still, I decided to enter my sweet girl and hope that by some remote chance someone else sees the beauty & amazing personality (as much as can be viewed in a picture) that I do every day!

Check her out and vote for her as Fan Favorite – this doesn’t influence her chances,  just awards a not too shabby vacation prize :)

Gap Casting Call - Vote Now!

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I'll vote! I'd like a prize and to help you out!

Momma Such said...

I would vote for her because she is adorable!!!! but I entered all 4 of my boys. However, the day after I entered them I took pics of them and was really bummed that they turned out better than the pics I had entered already! Darnit...that's the way it goes...oh well, the pics I entered are still cute! :)

Good luck! Maybe you'll win for the girls and one of my boys will get the boys! ha ha!

EllaBellaMozzarella said...

@Sara - Why, thank you!

@Momma Such - ha ha, that would be funny...good luck to you too! And I know what you mean, I kept stressing about which picture to use and that I'll probably end up taking a pic later that would have been perfect! Oh well.

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