January 28, 2010

Time Out For Theta Mom Thursday


Funny, but my stories about taking some time for MYSELF always tend to revolve around shopping…and this one is no different. It’s short, sweet & to the point.

The peanut was sleeping this past Sunday afternoon, so while the hubby stayed home with her, I went out to Marshall’s/Home Goods, by MYSELF!  Spent half an hour looking for some accessories for Ella’s new ‘big girl’ room.  Didn’t find anything, so naturally I shifted the focus to MYSELF and went to try on some clothes.  After another half hour, I ended up buying a cute shirt (for $4.99!!!) and a fabulously pink, fitted yoga-style top for the gym.  Left the store not with what I was originally looking for, but with a little somethin’ somethin’ for MYSELF….what else is new!  Finally, I headed over to Acme and enjoyed a leisurely grocery trip ALL BY MYSELF (and if you’re a mom, you know just how delightful such a trip is WITHOUT KIDS)!

The End!

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Theta Mom said...

This was exactly my time out! Shopping without the kids is like heaven and I love Home Goods! And a cute shirt for you (and so cheap, too), yay you!

Thanks so much for stopping by and linking up! :)

Sophia's Mom said...

You're absolutely right! But you always find awesome deals so you can't complain!

And who can get any shopping done with the kids in tow?


Beth P. said...

Somehow, when you get to leave the kids home, no matter what you're doing it's always a little bit better ;-) I'm glad you were able to find some things for yourself!

Joy said...

Good for you! I am very sure that you deserved something for yourself.

Blasé said...

I need a "time-out"!

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

Those shopping trips are the best. You actually have time to look at things and not just grab and run!

I have an award for you at http://flyinggigglesandlollipops.blogspot.com/2010/01/we-all-need-little-sunshine.html

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