January 10, 2010

Rules of Etiquette in Toddler Land


So, the peanut’s 4th birthday is rapidly approaching and for the first time I am a little befuddled in planning her party.  In the past, it was a very simple process of inviting family (which really only consists of sis-in-law & kids and both sets of grandparents) and a few friends for a small gathering at our house.  Some food, a cake, decorations, and cute favors…..bam, done!    However, now we’re in pre-school and  all of a sudden 2 girls & 8 boys have been added to my daughter’s ever expanding social circle.  And so the question arises – do I plan a birthday extravaganza  that includes ALL her new little friends, or is it ok to invite just the two girls that she’s close with in her class (in addition to a couple of new friends outside of school)??  Either way, anything more than our small affair of years past will definitely require planning something at an indoor party place, since we live in a town-house and space is limited.  And that’s totally fine, it’s just a matter of who to invite…..figuring out the right (and expected) course of action to take while ensuring no one is left disgruntled.   I will say that she’s only been in school for 4 months, and I know there have been a few kids with birthdays already & no invitations that I’m aware of.  Also, Ella knew the 2 little girls prior to them all being in pre-school together.  Maybe I’m over-thinking this whole thing – they’re 3 years old for Christ’s sake!……then again, maybe not.  It’s a conundrum.

Hmph…..to offend or not to offend, that is the question!

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Jen Ehrhardt said...

I say keep it small while you can. Before you know it her birthday parties are going to be out of control.... You'll give her a limit of how many people she can invite and deciding who to invite & who not to invite will be like pulling teeth!! Enjoy the small family bday party while you can :)

San Diego Momma said...

Perfectly OK to limit invites to close friends or people your daughter plays with regularly.

If you don't, next thing you know, your party is at Chuck E. Cheese, and believe me, you DON'T want that. :)

Sophia's Mom said...

Dont over think it!

Just invite the 2 girls. They're 3, I don't think the little boys will be offended. And their parents might actually be grateful that they dont have to go out and purchase a gift.

Hope you will post pics of Peanut on her big day!


EllaBellaMozzarella said...

Thank you ladies! I think I'll take all of your advice and still keep it small...maybe just adding the girls from school & a couple of other friends she knows. Totally agree I DO NOT want a party at Chuck E. Cheese, lol!!

I'll definitely post pics (bday isn't until beg. of March) :)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I like the other ideas given, you want to have fun and not be stressed!

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

Invite who you want. At that age, it is usually not the kids that get offended, it is the parents. As long as she has her closest buddies, that is all that matters.

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