January 26, 2010

My Oh My How Time Has Flown!

Miss Ella Bella will be turning 4 soon, and planning the details of her birthday party has caused me to do a bit of reflecting on how unbelievably fast the years since my gorgeous baby girl was born have passed.  It’s literally been a whirlwind, so much so that sometimes I still can’t believe I’m even a mom!  I know, I know…..I’m not professing anything new here, I’m sure most of you have both heard & exclaimed these same words a zillion times. 

When I became pregnant, everyone & their grandmother started telling me over & over that time passes quickly and to enjoy every moment. I know now that back then I really couldn’t completely comprehend these little nuggets of advice that were being dished out to me.  It’s not until I was actually a mama to a kicking & screaming infant that I started to realize that time progression as I knew it would forever be altered.  Of course, as I mentioned here in my Mommy Confessions, those first few months of mommyhood were not exactly a cake-walk for me, and the weeks piled on top of each other due to a big pile of icky mental crap, not baby bliss.  But once I connected with my little peanut, precious time really shifted into over drive and yowza……here we are almost 48 months later!   I have tried here & there to really live in the moment and enjoy each step of the way as much as I could, knowing the very next step would be completely different……still, I know it’s not enough and I better step up my game NOW, before my sweet baby girl is begging for the car keys and subsequently slamming her bedroom door in my face while screaming she hates me after I say NO!!
Anywho, here are a some random pics to go along with the above deeply insightful  & inspiring tale about the crapshoot that is parenting as it evolves from one chapter to the next!

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

it goes so, so fast, doesn't it? My little man is almost 3 1/2...I cannot believe it. she is a doll!!!

I'm just the MOM said...

They grow up so darn fast...waaahhhh! lol. She really is a doll!

EllaBellaMozzarella said...

Thanks ladies! Thinking about how fast it all goes by does make ya a little sad, doesn't it? Guess that's why a lot of mamas have another baby, lol.

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