August 28, 2009

Makeup Schmakeup

I'm a medium-high maintenance kind of girl - I'll admit it.  I have a need to always look cute &  fashionable, I'm a freak about my hair, and under no circumstances can I leave the house without the following: earrings, mascara, concealer and lip know, the basics!  I love, love makeup, but honestly don't wear a ton of it.  I just like perusing the aisles at Sephora and Ulta to admire all the various cosmetic goodies available to us girly girls.  Whenever new products come out, I am immediately hooked and often find myself with an urgent desire to try them!  This is all to say, that as a beauty-freak, there are two makeup-review websites I visit regularly and ALWAYS search through before I make any purchase. - This is a FABULOUS database of thousands of reviews of various makeup and skincare items.  You can search by numerous categories and pretty much every brand out there, drugstore or high-end, has been critiqued.  It's a great way to get first-hand perspective, which can save you time & money.  Of course, just because someone else had a negative experience with a product it doesn't necessarily mean you won't like it either.....however, if most people rated it low and only 20% would purchase it again, you'll think twice before plunking down mega bucks on that amazingly life-changing anti-aging cream sold at Saks.  You have to register to use the site, but no's completely FREE.  Run by Paula Begoun, an author of numerous best-selling beauty industry guides who has over 25 year of experience in the industry, this is an excellent resource for all things beauty.  Not only does she provide an extensive guide on skin-care facts & solutions to your skin concerns, makeup how-to's, and suncare advice, but she also lists a large cosmetic ingredient dictionary.  Paula is very big on revealing the truth behind the mostly bogus claims made by  cosmetics companies, which in turn lends itself very well in providing truthful & honest reviews.  She also sells her own line of products, some of which I have tried myself and have for the most part liked.

So before you venture out on your next shopaholic beauty spending spree, check out both of these won't be disappointed!

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