August 31, 2009

Gotta Love Target

My little peanut and I went to Target today to look for some cute ballet outfits (she's starting dance class next week) and as I walked around, I had the same thought I have every time I'm in that darn store - "I LOVE TARGET!"  I mean seriously, the little girl toddler clothes are just too cute...and for the price, I don't care one bit if they get all wrecked-up (which they will).  And I'll admit it - I'v purchased things for myself too, especially work out gear.  I've found some cute little tanks/camis and fitted capri pants (made by Champion for Target), and all at about half the cost of what you would spend at Dick's or Sports Authority.  Believe it or not, I actually bought a bikini there this year.....and guess what?  It fits perfect, it's comfortable and I like it so much more than the designer swimwear I purchased last year (which I hardly wore & cost 3 times as much).  Add that to everything else I can find there - groceries, toys, supplies, select decorative items, and of course my FAVORITE chocolate......well then ladies and gentlemen, what you have here is the perfect store for us (sometimes frugal) SAHMs.

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Lindsay said...

Oh I love Target. My only complaint is I don't have a Super Target that I can do my grocery shopping at : ) It's where I buy pretty much everything for my 3 yr old and feel the same way about it getting diry or stained. Who cares? It was like $3 : ) And the stuff for the home is awesome!! I could spend every penny I have in that store.

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