August 25, 2009

Chocolate Makes The World Go Round

Here's my thought for the day:  anyone who tells you that parenting is easy as pie, nothin' to it, is lying out their you-know-what.  As most REAL parents know, life with a toddler can be challenging, to say the least.  Sometimes when you're in the thick of it - you know, let the screaming and whining commence - it's just so hard to figure out the right course of action to I let this pass or do I make a big deal out of it (and possibly over-react just a tad)?  It's amazing sometimes how quickly a fun, lovely moment can take a turn...1,2,3 and all of a sudden our afternoon at the pool is over and we're headed home, because mommy decided to make a freakin' big deal out of it!  So that was basically my afternoon...I'm thinking there might be a few mama's out there who can relate ;)

On a separate yet totally related note,  I need to point out at this time that I have a HUGE chocolate addiction and wholeheartedly believe from the depths of my soul that a deliciously delightful piece of heavenly chocolate can always make things better (which it did this afternoon)!  But not just any old chocolate confection, oh no......I'm talking European: German/Swiss/Austrian delights.  And since I'm more than happy to share my yummy knowledge , I'll go ahead list some of my favorites for all you chocolate freaks who only know the likes of Hershey's or Snickers (oh, the horror!)  Go'll love it!

1. Milka Chocolate - Easily the one nearest & dearest to my heart, I grew up (in Germany) on this delectable and not too sweet Austrian slice of heaven.  It comes in a variety of flavors, although I can usually only find it in a select few.  Not many stores carry it, yet I was simply giddy with joy to find it at both Target and Wegman's.

2. Ritter Sport - This German chocolate is just as delightful and stocked in a wider variety of stores than Milka, including again both Target and Wegman's.  Various flavors are available.

3.Guylian - These Belgian lovelies are known for their sea shell shape and I absolutely adore the wonderful roasted hazelnut praline taste.  You can find them all over now, I've even seen them at Costco.

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1 comment:

Lindsay said...

In my eyes having a toddler and chocolate go hand in hand. If I didn't have my chocolate I don't think I could make it through the day of trantrums from my 3 yr old : )

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