August 29, 2009

Another Site Recommendation

So, about a year ago I stumbled upon this blog, written by a stay-at-home mom  out of Salt Lake City, Utah.  Having never heard of her before, I had no idea just how huge of a following she had & that she's kind of a God amongst bloggers.  I check her site almost every single day now and can never get enough of her hilarious and wacky tales of mommyhood, written with just the right amount of snarky, in-your-face sarcasm.  But what I think most people really love about her (I know I do), is her sincere honesty....she puts it all out there, from chronicling her roller-coaster journey with depression to detailing her 2 labor & delivery adventures to expressing how she feels about baby-poop in all it's various forms.  Without further ado, let me give some link love to my very favorite blogger/mama/all-around crazy lady:


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