August 24, 2009

It's A Blogger's World

As I slowly learn more about all things BLOG related, I am overwhelmed and completely intrigued by the vast amount of information out there in the blogosphere.  I've viewed so many cool graphics & templates in the last 48 hours that my eyes might just fall out of my head soon.  So many great blogs/websites with loads of resources and information.  What I'm trying to say is.....I'M HOOKED!   I truly hope this is only the beginning of a totally amazing new path - finding new blogs and connecting with other moms/wives/chickies who are all just trying to share their little piece of the puzzle.

Ok, enough with the reflecting....time to make dinner, feed the peanut, do some laundry, and look forward to later on when I'll be laying in my comfy bed & gettin' me some 'Two and a Half Men' & 'The Big Bang Theory' (easily two of the funniest shows on tv).   What the heck, maybe I'll go hogwild and have a Corona (light, of course)!

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