May 20, 2010

Our Puppy Is Fabulously Fashionable!

Since we first adopted our lovable pup Sam about 1 1/2 months ago, the fashionista in me has been on a mission to outfit him with something much more awesome than the standard blue collar/leash we initially purchased at PetSmart.  Now, before I continue, I have to state that I have no intention of making our little boy look like some sort of sissy in a paisley getup, who is secretly the laughing-stock of all his doggy friends.  And no, I do not plan on  purchasing any kind of coat/sweater/diamond choker/ribbon for him in the near future!  I just want something that’s a little more fun, yet still let’s him keep his studly status.

So, it seems if you want anything more than just the standard boring colors, you have to turn to online stores/boutiques for more fashionable accessories.  Initially, I was set on a blue & turquoise camo collar…..manly enough, right?  However, as we got to know Sam better, we realized he is without a doubt much better served by a harness.  He can pull with the best of them (which is totally the Dachshund in him), and since he’s a small breed, a collar could potential harm his fragile little neck. 

Sooo, after much searching, I finally found this SUPER CUTE  & oh so stylish harness online:

Not only is it totally functional (due to the adjustable & strong velcro closure and the ability to easily slip it on), but there is not ever any danger of choking since the d-ring is located further back than a lot of other harnesses.  Each item is handmade with superior quality.  And isn’t the blue & brown striping, along with the pewter paw accent,  simply dashing (without being too over the top)? Of course, I had to get the matching leash as well. LOVE IT!!

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