May 23, 2010

The End Is Here

And no, I’m not talking about ‘LOST’ here (although, I am a huge ‘LOST’ fan and could write many pages about my profound & overwhelming sadness on seeing it all come to it’s final conclusion tonight).  The end I AM referring to is my daughter’s last week of school.  My sweet, little peanut is about to finish her first year of preschool and boy did it go by fast.  So incredibly fast!  

We have loved watching her grow into this amazing, independent, smart “big girl” over the last 9 months.  We have loved her wonderful teachers, who have tirelessly given their caring devotion & nurturing support to these tiny tots.  And we have loved her fabulous school – an extraordinary community of educators that is based on simplistic values and fostering the joy of learning.

So now we have the summer, and what I hope from the bottom of my heart will be a fantastic & memorable 3 months, laying ahead of us.  Come September, we continue on at the same school.  Then, it’s kindergarten.  Then we head to first grade, and before we know it she’ll be asking for the keys to the car, right?  Phew, I can’t even wrap my brain around that.  I have a feeling I’ll be repeating the following sentence quite a bit to my little princess: “please, please, please don’t grow up too fast!”.

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BabyMommaBlog said...

Welcome to the Philly group! Great blog and what a beautiful family :) Hope to meet you at one of the events soon! Sadly, the summer is hard for me to attend anything but come fall...I'm so at most! :)


Anonymous said...

Our kids grow up so fast! She is adorable. Enjoy these years... :)

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