May 14, 2010

Show A Mama Some Love!

Since my hubby is currently hogging the TV by watching the Phillies game (thereby causing me to miss my usual Friday night staple of  ‘Dateline NBC’….ok, so I guess I could head downstairs to one of our other 2 televisions, but that would require me to actually be motivated enough to get my lazy tush out of bed), I figured why not write a post wherein I kindly implore my fabulous bloggy peeps to throw a vote or two my way.

Where, you ask??  Why, over at Top Mommy Blogs, of course!   My little blog listed there, and I’d greatly appreciate if you showed me some love – I sure could use it.  Just click on the link below:

(if the link doesn’t work, you can also search by 'EllaBellaMozzarella' or find me
under 'Stay At Home Blogs')  

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hi from the LBS tea party - i chose your blog to review and i really like it. following now. :)fr

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