June 5, 2010

Friday Fun At Please Touch Museum

So, after receiving an invite for Mommy Bloggers Day at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, I finally decided to go to my first blogging related event and am so glad that I did.  Not only did the peanut have a blast at the museum (a totally amazing giant playground designed for little ones to explore & learn through interactive play), it was also great to meet a few local bloggy mamas and put faces to a blogs!   I’m so excited to become more active with some of the blogging communities I’ve recently joined and hopefully attend more meet-ups in the future.  And of course connect with some new & amazing bloggers! 

I have to say though, the whole ‘introducing-yourself-to-people-you’ve-never-met-but-recognize-from-online’ thing is a little odd….and even a little awkward.  Especially since I tend to be a bit on the shy & reserved side and it’s not always easy for me to put myself out there (I’ve been working on that though for the last couple of years and believe me, I’ve come a long way!).   But no worries, everyone was so nice and the ladies were all fabulous.  I already can’t wait for Bloggy Bootcamp in September and  look forward to any events that may come before then.  So fun!

Here are just a few pics of a fantastically fun morning:

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melissa said...

It was so nice to meet you Raeba! I really hope we can chat again soon! Thsi was such a fun event, but with this kids running around it was hard to actually have conversations :-)

EllaBellaMozzarella said...

Hi Melissa! It was great meeting you too! And I totally understand - the only reason I was able to actually have conversations with people was because my hubby was there. If he hadn't been I'm sure I would have spent the entire tame chasing after the peanut! Hopefully we can chat more at another event, especially if it's one that's kid-free ;)

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