February 7, 2010

Holy Snow!

So, ya….it snowed around here yesterday.  Just a tad.  A little over 2 feet. No biggie.  WHA???  Seriously, we haven’t seen that much of the white stuff in a long time (thinking the Blizzard of 2003 was my last encounter with mountains of snow).  Even though I’m very much a warmer weather girl, I actually looked forward to the weekend, to being snowed in and spending lots of time chillaxing with my two peeps.  And honestly, when those first few flakes started falling Friday night as we were heading home from dinner at On The Border (OMG, have you tried their Margarita’s?? simply fabulous!), I was a bit giddy with anticipation.  And Saturday was indeed nice – we vedged,  we ate, we watched a movie, and we ate some more.  Now, two days later……uh, not so much!  Now all we’re left with is dirty snow, dirty cars, and delayed school hours cutting into my ‘Mama time’.  And the aforementioned food consumption that took place this weekend?  OOFAH….I’m actually afraid to step on the scale for fear of  looking down and seeing “Jeez woman – what did you do, eat your body weight in donuts, chocolate & cookies??”.  I’m not even joking.  I don’t know what was wrong with me.  I. COULD. NOT. STOP. EATING!  Gonna’ have to kick it into high gear at the gym this week.  And maybe lock up the pantry & the refrigerator. 

Anywho, don’t mind me.  There are still 133 days until summer.  There is another possible Nor’easter with significant snow forecasted for Tuesday/Wednesday.  A chocolate frosted donut is already calling my name & will undoubtedly be tempting me at breakfast tomorrow morning (darn you Dunkin Donuts!).  And all this makes me grumpy.

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Nocturnal Queen said...

Wow. If we ever got that much snow here in NC, I think people would go into shock.

Jen said...

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