February 23, 2010

Conversations With The Vertically Challenged (aka Toddlers)

At almost 4 years old, the peanut has been saying some pretty funny & random stuff lately, especially when she’s trying to rationalize with us.  I try my damn hardest to remember it all….but unfortunately I have the mental capacity of a gnat when it comes to memory.  Seriously, I can’t remember shit.  The hubby often gets annoyed at me when he recalls a conversation we had and I have NO idea what he’s talking about.  What can I say?  It’s another lovely trait I inherited from my mom’s side of the family (along with some excessive sweating and frequent klutziness).

Anyhow, the peanut and I were in the car the other day, just listening to music as we were headed home from the gym.  Lately she’s been trying to sing along to songs – her current favorite being Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”….she loves belting out the ‘gaga ooh la la’ part.  So, a song that I really like came on, and  this time I tried singing along, but only knew the main chorus.  Here is what followed:

peanut: “Why did you stop singing, mama?”

me: “Because I only know that one part of the song.”

peanut: “Mama!  All you have to do is listen for a tiny bit, and then you know the words!”

And then she proceeded to sing the next line of the song correctly,  as if to say “see? piece of cake!”.


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