February 22, 2010

Aw, You Shouldn’t Have


So, I recently received another blog award - February 17th to be exact. And honestly, I’ve been slacking a bit with the posting lately….guess it’s just been one of those weeks around here: ya know – life, lip gloss, binkies & the whole shebang!  

What better time than the present to kick-start a new week here at EllaBellaMozzarella and pass on some blog love!  Momma Such over at Raising My 4 Sons  kindly granted me with the BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER AWARD – thanks lady!   She has a lovely blog and I guarantee you’ll adore her cute and often silly tales about life as a SAHM to 4 boys.  So make sure to check her out.

The established rules of this award are as follows:
  • thank & link to the person that gave you the award.
  • pass this award onto 15 bloggers you’ve recently discovered and think are fantastic.
  • contact said blogs and let them know they’ve won.
  • state 7 things about yourself.
Now, Momma Such broke the rules a bit, so in the interest of time & the fact my family is currently looking to me to start cooking some sort of dinner, I will follow her lead by passing the award on to a couple of  new & fabulous blogs I’ve recently stumbled upon.  Drum roll, please:

Nicolle @ Babee Love
Tiffany @ On The Verge

And here are a few random things about yours truly -
  1. I was born in Germany and have lived in the US for almost 25 years.
  2. I have no middle name.
  3. I have a tattoo of a tiny heart on my lower back.
  4. I harbor some regrets from years past, but have been working on letting go.
  5. I was pretty awkward, shy & self-conscious in school and hope to do the best I can to instill confidence & a good dose of self-esteem in my daughter so that she may be better equipped for all the challenges that junior high & high school will inevitably bring.

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Momma Such said...

You deserve the award! :)

Thanks for linking back to me and being so sweet! I appreciate it! :)

Anonymous said...

congrats on your award and thanks for sharing the love!

Cole said...

Thank you so much for the award!!

BabeeLove said...

Congrats AND thank you! I'll be posting shortly :)

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