October 6, 2009

Fun In Pumpkin Land


Last weekend we continued our yearly tradition of heading over to a local dairy farm for some pumpkin picking excitement!   It’s a great little set-up, with hay rides that take you out to the pumpkin patch & back, and some baby animals out for the kids to see & pet.  Various seasonal harvest products, like Indian Corn bunches, gourds, squash, mini pumpkins, honey and other food items produced on the farm, are also for sale.

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BUT, the most anticipated part of the day is always a visit to the Creamery, where some of the best home-made ice cream this Mama has ever tasted is served up!  To add some cuteness to this yummy treat, each delightfully rich flavor is named after one of the farm’s Holstein cows.  As my daughter would say, “deeeelicous”!


*Besides all the fun, it’s also a great way to support the local economy,  since many area dairy farms are struggling with record-low milk prices while the costs associated with producing that very milk are continuing to rise.

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Sophia's Mom said...

Pumpkin picking sounds so much fun! I've never been pumpkin picking but my hubby promised we would make it this year...

Looks like your daughter had so much fun!

And homemade ice cream sounds yummy! ;-)


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