October 13, 2009



Holy crap!  I can’t believe it’s been a week since I’ve last written a post – craziness!  Guess that’s what happens when you mix 1 part normal life as a wife & mother, with 2 parts laziness, 2 parts sleep deprivation and 3 parts vodka!  (Just kidding on that last part….sort of….not really….maybe, but not).   Now that the peanut is in school we are busier than ever.  I mean, there are bags to be packed, clothes to be washed, lunches to be made, episodes of  ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ to be caught up on….er, I mean dinners to be cooked…you get my drift.  I’ve also been doing a bit of volunteering at the pre-school, something that is usually so not like me.  I’ve really surprised myself by finally being the more outgoing, involved mom/person I’ve always secretly wanted to be.  And it honestly feels great!  Meeting new people, helping to organize, signing up, donating….all of it, the whole shebang.  Watch out, next thing you know I’ll be baking pies, and washing the baseboards, and sewing drapes, and polishing the silver.  Just call me Betty Crocker!!

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Jen Ehrhardt said...

Hey watch it, what's so bad about sewing drapes or washing the baseboards??? LOL! As a matter of fact, my baseboards could use a good cleaning now ;)

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