June 8, 2010

Becoming A Fashionable Frugalista

As a typical girly-girl who loves anything related to clothes, makeup & accessories, I could easily partake in some serious retail therapy every single day of the week.  Seriously!  That is, if free time was abundant and funds were unlimited.   So yeah, it’s mostly that last part relating to finances that has really affected my shopping style….not only how OFTEN I venture out, but WHERE I go.  Times are tough, money is tight – we all know that and I’m sure many of us have been hit one way or another by the floundering economy.  I mean, just in the blogosphere alone there has been a huge influx of coupon/sale/deal-finder type blogs over the last few years, all looking to hook us up with money-saving tips & resources.  And believe me, those sites are great because without a doubt there are some fantastic deals to be had out there.  I’ve certainly noticed many more retailers offering frequent sales, and at much deeper discounts.

So, as I’ve continued to adjust certain shopping habits, I’ve found myself not only making good use of coupons & sales everywhere from the LOFT and Gap to Sports Authority and Nordstrom, but also turning more to lower-priced stores like Old Navy, Target, H&M or Express for fashion.  And you know what?  You CAN find cute & stylish things there….you just have to look, as well as maybe set your expectations a little lower as to availability & quality.  But so what if that $8 tee from Target only lasts a season or two!

*I will add a little caveat in here to say that I DO still purchase higher-end items (like designer jeans) from time to time.  I think sometimes spending more money on a quality item does pay off, especially when you consider the years of wear or custom-like fit that can not be found elsewhere that you get out of it.*

Anywho, I have recently found some fabulous pieces to add to my wardrobe, all at discounted prices or using coupons!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness those are ALL so cute! Will you be my stylist and shop for me? Seriously...

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