March 22, 2010

The Great Wiener Hunt of 2010

So, we’ve decided to add another member to our little family – and no, it’s not of the human least not yet (she says with a wavering smile).  After the death of my dear, sweet little kitty Skye last September, I really haven’t been too open to the idea of another pet.  And I always assumed that whenever I was ready, we’d simply get another furry feline.  However, once we stopped by a few cat adoption centers, I just realized another cat would dig up way too many memories.  That may sound weird & quirky, but it’ the simple truth.  Soooo, long story short – a doggy it is.
After my anal-retentive, OCD self did a TON of online research, we decided that a dachshund, or preferably a dachshund-mix, would probably fit us well.  They’re small (which we need since we live in a townhouse), don’t require a big yard for exercise as some other high-energy breeds do, are good with kids, and seem to overall be a great, loyal family dog.  So, one thing I said from the beginning, was that I wanted to adopt again.   I love the idea of rescuing an animal, of giving it that “forever home” (which is exactly what I did with Skye).  And so we thought, easy as pie, we’d find a little weenie pup and off we went on our new adventure as a family of 4.   Unfortunately, it’s not been quite that easy and we’re realizing this process will require a lot of patience on our part.  Seems that there simply aren’t many doxie pups available locally at the moment - but boy, there sure a lot of pit bulls out there!  We did find one  last week, but by the time we were able to make it out to the shelter it had been adopted.  Another little cutie pie I found, who is a bit older, is at a foster home that is part of an all-volunteer network  of homes, meaning there’s no physical shelter you can visit.  And darn it, I just simply can not get these freakin people to contact me back (there is no phone number, just email).   I’ve even left a note on their Facebook page….and nothing!  Guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

Anywho, we’ve grown a little frustrated.   And it just so happens that in the mean time, my sister-in-law’s family also decided to add another pup (they already have a yellow lab).   Within only several days, they had purchased a black lab puppy online, via a broker, from a breeder somewhere on the other side of the country and picked him up at the airport.  $1300, bada-bing bada-boom.   Naturally, this has really caused us to think about our own plight.  But honestly,  I just don’t know if it would be the right thing for US.

First of all, I in now way shape or form want to endorse or further help along the awful, monstrous business that is a puppy mill.  This is why a pet store will NEVER be a viable option.  And I’ve done enough reading to realize that buying a dog online from a breeder is just not a guarantee of anything.  There’s no way to know for sure if those animals are kept in humane conditions or treated with any sort of love & kindness.  According to some rescue websites, even seemingly legitimate papers might not mean diddly squat.  In fact, most of those sites do not recommend buying any type of pet online, ever.   The only possibility is to find a breeder within driving distance and check out their digs in person.  Then there’s also the cost factor.  A purebred dog can cost anywhere from $600 to $3000 (depending on breed), and probably even more!  We know it will cost money to take care of a dog throughout it’s lifetime, but that’s a whole lotta  moola right upfront.  We could do it, I guess, but I just don't know if I want to.

So there it is, dear internet, my current all-consuming dilemma.  I’ve spent HOURS scouring the web for adoptable dogs, browsing through countless shelter sites (need I remind you of that whole OCD thing?!).  You can blame it for my slight neglect of this blog over the last couple of weeks.

I suppose when the time is right, a doggy will find it’s way into our lives one way or another.

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Tricia said...

You are absolutely right: a puppy will find it's way into your heart and home when the time is right. If you're not 100%, don't do anything. Your kitty was so beautiful. I miss my kitty too, and I wish that my son could play with him now.

Shannon said...

Good luck with your puppy search! I'm sure just the right one is out there somewhere. Found you through the Society of Lady bloggers. Cute blog and adorable little girl.

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