March 8, 2010

Party Planning = Busy Week for Mama!

So, I haven’t written a post in almost 1 1/2 weeks….and ‘ya know, I can’t even believe how incredibly fast that time passed.  It was Miss Ella’s birthday last week, and between visits to school, making cupcakes and putting together the details of her party, I kept rather busy every single day!  Yeah, some may question that previous declaration, as our little soiree for Princess Ella only consisted of family (which is very small) and our friends who live next door….but, here’s a little secret for you – I’m incredibly ANAL when it comes to party planning!  And not just that, I’m a bit OCD when it comes to needing having everything be perfectly put together…..which naturally also includes making sure my house is a vision of impeccable cleanliness.  I know, I know.   In the end, is it really worth all that pressure and work?  The answer is: YES.  Because it’s the only way I know how….and it’s who I am & how I’m wired.   And it’s simply my desire to be an awesome Mama who gave her little girl a great birthday party!   Besides, how cute are these??:

(Of course, I also made time to find a perfectly fabulous new top, as well as fit in a hair appointment - and I’ll defend myself here by saying the hair appt. just happened to work out that way time wise.  What can I say, it’s the fashionista in me!)

Here are just a couple of pics for your viewing pleasure….behold the cuteness that is Princess Ella’s birthday!

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Sheila said...

Hello! Stopping over from the Lady Bloggers Society. I absolutely adore Ella's birthday party. The carriage favors, cupcakes and cake are amazingly creative. So sweet.

I'm with ya, can never spend too much time planning the perfect party for a little princess. I have two of my own, and I've spent many, many hours OCD'ing over parties.

CaneWife said...

Adorable! I'm also totally OCD about parties. We're getting ready for Turtle's 2nd and I'm going to be swamped with preparations.

Hope Princess Ella enjoyed her big day!

Michelle said...

she is so adorable!!
love the birthday goodies!

Cole said...

Awww I love the enchanted carriages! Looks like it was lots of fun :)

EllaBellaMozzarella said...

Thanks Ladies!! Glad you stopped by and checked out the pics :)

@Sheila - good to know I'm not the only one w/OCD issues when it comes to bday parties, lol! Our little princesses are worth it though!

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