July 30, 2010

It’s a Start

As noted in my last post, I’ve taken quite a lengthy leave of absence from the blogosphere.  And so several weeks later,  I’m still contemplating my blogging fate.  But today I felt a teeny, tiny little spark.  One that came right after finally catching up on a month’s worth of discussions on my favorite mommy google group.  And right before I took a (long overdue) peak at some recent updates on blogs I follow.  It made me realize  that I do miss this….the writing, the connecting, the sharing.
And so here I am – posting.  Baby steps.

I’ll finish with a super cute pic to end your Friday:

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I'm just the MOM said...

That is a very good start :)
I wish our dog would sit still for me to groom him..bleh

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're back girl. I've missed you. Blogging has been so great for me, I've loved meeting so many good friends. :)

EllaBellaMozzarella said...

@I'm just the MOM: thanks :) we took him to a groomer - definitely do NOT have the patience to wrestle down this little booger & keep him still!

@purseblogger - thanks lady! Blogging has been so fun, no doubt...I think once I put myself out there & start connecting w/other bloggers again I'll realize how much I love it! As someone said in a comment on my previous post - I have 'blogitis'!

CanadianMama said...

Well it's good to have you back!

EllaBellaMozzarella said...

@CanadianMama - thanks! Feels good to (sort of) be back....hopefully I can keep the momentum going :)

Susan Miller said...

Nice to see you again.I really love your blog.


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