April 15, 2010

Dancing Queen

A while back I mentioned that the peanut was taking dance classes (see HERE), which consist of both ballet & tap.  It’s been about 8 months now, and we’re slowly gearing up for the big finale that will showcase all these weeks of learning & practice – the RECITAL!  It’s been a long time coming (the date is set for mid-June), and a few weeks ago the little ones got to try on their costumes for the first time.  I had seen pictures of years past and was really expecting some sort of shiny, sparkly number.  Instead, the outfit is more about ruffles, lace and satin.  Wearing it, Ella looks like a munchkin-sized green & purple flower……almost a bit reminiscent of those adorable Anne Geddes portraits from years ago.  Honestly, I wasn’t very fond of the whole ensemble at first.  But, as I continue to look at the pictures, the dress is definitely growing on me.   And I have to admit, she does look awfully cute, no?

Costume aside, I’m still unsure of how she’ll do on the big day.  Back in December, her pre-school class performed a mini concert for parents & loved ones.  When she first entered the room alongside her classmates, she seemed genuinely excited & happy.  But as she slowly gazed around and saw the small crowd assembled in front of her, her demeanor changed literally in an instant.  From then on, our peanut stood up there with a sour puss on her face & refused to participate, much less actually sing any of the songs.  I honestly think it was all a little overwhelming and she simply got a bit of stage fright.  This is all to say, that she very well could get up on that stage in June and once again be frozen with fear.  Or, she just might surprise us and dance her little heart out.  Either way, we’ll be enthusiastically cheering on our little ballerina all the way and promptly congratulating her with flowers, hugs & kisses!

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Nikki said...

She's so cute!!! I so want to get Mia into dance as soon as she is old enough.

Cassie said...

I love her outfit! She is so cute! I used to love dance class as a little girl.

Amanda T said...

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Nikki said...

Hey there,
I left you something over at my blog!!!

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