November 9, 2009

Why, Why, Why

And now for my top 10 random list of whys:

1. Why do many animated movies meant for little kids have such sad story lines and/or somewhat scary characters?

2. Why are the Polly Pockets dolls dressed like sluts??

3. Why is it that when one of us is sick, it’s always on the weekend AND when the weather couldn’t be more beautiful??

4. Why are we, as moms, constantly wracked with some form of guilt?? Some examples include guilt for: working OR staying home & not contributing financially OR taking too much time OR taking too little time OR not being as good of a mother as ___(insert names here) OR not being the Betty Crocker type OR feeling resentful…the list goes on & on!

5. Why is the search for the perfect pair of black pants or the perfect foundation never-ending??

6. Why are the people on the board of our home owners association such small-minded numbskulls??

7. Why am I unable to master the fine art of applying eyeliner??

8. Why am I the only one who DOES NOT like the elliptical machine at the gym?? 

9. Why, even at 34 years old,  do I still sometimes feel like I don’t fit in??

and last, but certainly not least

10. Why do I never have anything to wear??

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melissa said...

the polly pocket one is my favorite ;-)

Katie said...

I don't like the eliptical machine either! lol, give me the treadmill anyday.

CanadianMama said...

Oh the mom guilt - does it ever end?

EllaBellaMozzarella said...

@CanadianMama - Right???? I think I have guilt over something or other almost every single day, lol.

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