November 16, 2009

Baby Steps

Yesterday we spent a majority of the day browsing through one showroom after another, looking for a new bedroom set for our little peanut.  You see, time is rapidly moving forward (despite my most valiant attempts to slow it down), and Ella’s toddler bed is no longer sufficient, just like her crib was no longer sufficient 1 1/2 years ago.  With every little step, every tiny change, my baby girl is moving ever closer to that dreaded “I” word – INDEPENDENCE!

baby1I know, I know…we’re just talking about freekin’ furniture here.  BUT, it’s what the much anticipated ‘Big Girl Bed” represents as a whole – that time is flying by at the speed of sound, just like everyone says.  That our firstborn will be a teenager before we know it (and I’ll look fondly back at the days where I was able to call myself a 30-something), just like everyone says.  That a day will come where my little snuggle bunny, who calls me her best friend and is attached to my hip through sheer devotion & adoration, will push as hard as she can to get away from her overbearing parents….just like everyone says! 


Don’t get me wrong,  I’m completely psyched about re-decorating her room with cute girly-girl accoutrements…..after all, I’m still the shopping frugalista my husband has come to reluctantly accept love!  I guess I’m just trying to remember to hang on to all the wonderful moments now, while I still can…no matter how stressed/tired/overwhelmed I may feel on any given day.   Because wow, it all really does pass in the blink of an eye! 


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CanadianMama said...

I did not appreciate this whole "they grow up so fast" business until I actually had a child. Now? I totally get you!
ps. I love the whole "frugalista" thing - great word!!

Theta Mom said...

Love all the pictures. I agree, once you're a mommy, it goes so fast. BTW, soooooooooo glad to be back!!!

EllaBellaMozzarella said...

@CanadianMama - I know, right?! The last 3 1/2 years have been a blur!

@Theta Mom - Thanks :) And I LOVE the "new" looks great!!

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